Overalls, Ruffles, and Plaid

Happy New Years Eve everyone! I hope 2017 has been all you’ve hoped for and you’re ready to tackle another year!

This outfit includes some of my favorite pieces: overalls, a ruffled sweater and a blanket scarf. All super cozy and warm for Winter.

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Monthly Roundup:: December

December Roundup

Currently listening to….

  • I’ve been listening to the Dean Martin Christmas album…gotta love the “rat pack.” Listen HERE!

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My Top Old Movie Picks

With Christmas break coming up, hopefully there will be a lot of movie watching 🙂 I thought I’d make a list of my favorite old movies. There’s just something about watching an old movie.. they’re so classic, the dancing and singing is so enjoyable, and their clothing was stunning while being modest. Most of these movies are from the 1950’s, which I’ve come to realize that I should have grown up at that time because I love everything about it 🙂 Also, a lot of these star Audrey Hepburn who is a favorite of mine.

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Ciara friendly burrito bowl


Happy Saturday everyone!

I’ve been wanting to incorporate more recipes on the blog and couldn’t wait to share this one with you all. This past year, I’ve really had to learn how to cook and make foods that are ok for me to eat. Not only am I gluten and lactose intolerant, but I also have chronic gastritis, delayed gastric emptying and a sensitive GI tract in general.

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Small Business Spotlight: Wagon Wheel Memories

For today’s post, I’m sharing with you all a favorite small business of mine. Wagon Wheel Memories is a small business started almost 3 years ago by my mom, Dora. She wanted to start a craft shop for many years and finally got the opportunity to do so. It’s been so nice to see one of her dreams take root, the shop begin to flourish, and happy customer faces. Although this is my mom’s shop, I would honestly shop there if I could haha 🙂 I only share businesses and products that I’m passionate about on the blog, and Wagon Wheel Memories is one of them (and not just because I’m related to the owner 😉 )

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Monthly Roundup:: November

Hi everyone! I asked on instagram (@faithfashionfoodwithc) if you all would like to see monthly roundups and the answer was yes! So, here is my roundup of November! These will include anything from fashion to music to other bloggers to recipes and everything in between. And as always, I love hearing suggestions!

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Cyber Monday Sales!

Happy (cyber) Monday everyone! I told myself I wouldn’t do the “typical” blogger Cyber Monday sale post but…there’s just so many good deals and I had to tell you all about them! Some of my FAVORITE companies are offering amazing discounts you won’t want to miss!

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