Stylish, Comfortable, & More Affordable Shoes for Summer

Hi everyone! Something that it a must for Summer are sandals/flats, but unfortunately it can be hard to find comfortable shoes that are also adorable and are in a good price range. I decided to share my favorite brands with you all in this post, Born Concept, Birkenstock, and Kelly & Katie (all available at DSW).

*This post is not sponsored in any way by DSW or the brands listed.

Kelly & Katie

I first discovered Kelly & Katie brand this past year at DSW. I was wanting to find a pair of loafers and saw ones I liked from their brand in the clearance section. I was surprised by how comfortable they were for the price! I can wear my loafers on campus all day long and my feet don’t hurt! I also purchased a pair of heels in their brand as well (see post HERE and HERE).

Pointed Toe Flats ($39.95)                                        Blush Suede ($19.94- ON SALE NOW)



Kelly & Katie loafers (post: HERE) and heels (post: HERE)


My mom has been wearing Birkenstocks for as long as I can remember (before they were cool haha). I got my first pair 2 summers ago and I love them! They are so comfortable! Personally, it takes me a little bit to “break” them in but after I get past that, I can wear them all the time. This summer I picked up the back pair below.

Floral ($99.95)                                                                     Black ($99.95)

IMG_3203 (2)

Birkenstock black sandals (post: HERE)

Born Concept

I’ve been wearing Born Concept shoes for several years. They are so comfortable, good quality, have a variety of styles, and are found many different places. I usually purchase my Born shoes at T.J. Maxx, they tend to be priced lower there. I have many sandals, some flats, and a couple pairs of boots by Born.

Blush Oxford ($94.95)                                                      Sandal ($69.95)

Born white wedges (post: HERE), black ankle boots (post: HERE), and pink flip-flops (post: HERE).

What are your favorite summer shoes?

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