Fall: Teal, Peter Pan Collar

Hey there!

Today’s fashion post is about the classic peter pan collar! I’m actually very surprised I’m just now posting about one! They’re one of my favorite wardrobe pieces.

I also had to get the signature blogger fall pumpkin picture. Even though it may be a tad late 🙂


Fall in Indiana has been stranger than usual this year. It’ll go from almost 80 degrees to barely 60 and being 40 in the mornings. But, the day I wore this outfit, it was really nice out. Probably in the 60s. So I decided to go with this sweater that I got from Target. It isn’t an overly warm sweater and is perfect for warmer fall days and spring weather. I was debating about what to wear under it, I usually just opt for a white tank top. I spotted this sleeveless peter pan collar top in my closet and thought it would go great.

I love how versatile peter pan collar tops are. You can wear them by themselves and even wear them under sweaters and tops like I did! They also give a vintage flare to any outfit.

I also wore this necklace with this outfit. I thought it matched really well. It actually belongs to my mom. Sadly, I broke it at the end of the photo shoot….


teal-peter-pan-7A khaki jacket is perfect for fall weather. I also wore my born concept brown ankle boots.




Thanks for viewing!



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