Live Original Shirt (and concert)!

Happy Friday everyone!

So over fall break, I was able to go to Sadie Robertson’s Live Original concert! It was a really great concert. Sadie and her siblings told some stories, Love and the Outcome performed and Family Force 5 was there too! If you get the opportunity to go, I highly suggest it!

Also, Sadie Robertson now has a line of clothing at one of my favorite stores, Rue 21. Her line is called Wild Blue. Rue 21 just had a great sale and I was able to find some of her pieces in the clearance!

Today, I’m sharing with you the “live original” top from her Wild Blue line! It was on sale for $6.47!




*Kailee: “Look at the tree.”

*Me: I’ll try. *starts laughing instead*



*Me: “Let’s try one of those leaf throwing pictures for fall”


Red and Black Plaid also shown here: Red & Black Plaid: Winter

*photography: Kailee Hildebrand

Here are some pics from the concert too!




Also, if you haven’t read Sadie’s Live Original book I really recommend it. It’s a great book, especially for teens in today’s society. I love Sadie and what she stands for.

Have a great weekend!



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