Exciting Announcement!

Hello there everyone!

So I have an exciting announcement for the blog…!

*building suspense*

I will be continuing my Red Apple Lipstick product reviews! Thanks to my followers (that’s you!) I’m able to be a more regular blogger for them! I’m super excited and can’t thank you all enough! I’m looking forward to more blog doors opening 🙂


I first heard of Red Apple Lipstick Company when I was at the gluten free expo about 5 or 6 years ago. I hadn’t focused on gluten free cosmetic products much at the time but now I notice how it affects me. Also, my makeup inventory has grown quite a bit since then 🙂

Something I love about Red Apple is that all of their products are gluten free, paraben free and toxin free! They try their very best to make sure their products are as safe as possible for everyone…and they succeed!

Another thing I love is that their lipsticks are basically like getting 2 different shades in one. By applying a thin layer of lipstick, you’ll have a completely different look than when you apply a darker coat. Their lipstick also stays on super well and leaves you with a nice stain too. Your lipstick doesn’t look bad at the end of the day and you don’t need to reapply it that much throughout your day either. That’s always a plus.

Also, their customer service is amazing!

If you haven’t seen my previous Red Apple Lipstick reviews here are the links:

Red Apple Lipstick: Review 1

Red Apple Lipstick: Review 2

Red Apple Lipstick: Review 3

Red Apple Lipstick: Review 4 (last one!)

Thanks so much! I can’t wait to share the first product with you!




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