Summer: Denim Dress

Happy Saturday everyone!

Since moving back to college I don’t have my regular photographer for my fashion posts (aka: mom). So, I’m figuring out how to take pictures myself in my dorm…bare with me haha.

I wanted to do a post about denim dresses. These are very versatile, you can dress them up or down and wear them in the Summer or Winter months.

This post is showing how to wear it during the Summer. In the Winter, I would pair the dress with a sweater, fleece leggings, and boots.

denim dress 3

I wore this denim dress to church Sunday and paired it with born concept sandals (shown here: Army Green Tunic: Summer Edition). It’s a very cool and comfortable dress. You can also roll the sleeves up or leave them down. I really like the style of the dress- the rounded bottom and cut at the neck. This dress came from Rue 21. I’m not positive how much I gave for it, I want to say around $10, it was on the clearance.

One thing about the dress is that it wrinkles easily. I keep wrinkle release in my closet and spray before I wear it and once I put it on. Wrinkle release is handy to have and you can get it at the dollar store and probably Wal-Mart or Target.

denim dress 2

denim dress 5

denim dress 4

To get these pictures I actually had to prop my phone in my closet and also against my microwave haha.

Hopefully, I’ll get a better system at taking fashion pics while at college 🙂

denim dress




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