Army Green Tunic: Summer Edition

Hi everyone! So remember that army green tunic I blogged about in February? The one that I wore with leggings and an open sweater? (shown here: Army Green Tunic) Well, I turned it into a Summer dress!

army green tunic summer 4

When I wore the tunic in February, I was wondering if I would be able to turn it into a dress once Summer rolled around. The sides of the tunic are higher than the front and back so I wasn’t for sure if it would work out…but it did!

To turn the tunic into a Summer dress I added a grey slip dress underneath it. Yep, that’s all I did. I found the slip dress at a shop at Brown County (sorry, I don’t know the name of the shop). The slip dress was $18 there, versus the $30 I saw at previous shops. $18 was still more than I wanted to give, but I knew I would get my wear out of the slip dress. I also found a light pink one later at Meijer. This grey slip dress is a straighter cut than most and has one row of lace around the bottom. The straighter cut worked great with the tunic since it has a straight cut as well.

grey slip dress

I decided to pair a crochet vest with the tunic/dress. If I feel like my outfit needs something else, I almost always grab for this crochet vest. It works with tops, dresses, solids, prints, about anything. It actually came from Walmart too!

crochet vest

I also paired a long necklace and my born concept sandals with the outfit.


army green tunic summer 5

army green tunic summer 3




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