Hi everyone! I hope your week has been going well! Spring Break is about to start for me and I’m very excited to go home and relax and see the musical my old high school is doing 🙂

So this week the weather has been great (besides some rain). Yesterday I wore (probably) my favorite pair of shoes…they’re oxfords! I loooooove oxford shoes. They’re so cute and are very old fashioned I think. I got several compliments on my outfit so my first thought was, blog post!


These are the gorgeous oxfords. They’re a peach color along with some tan. A braided design follows around the shoe below the laces. They also have a bit of a heel. They make a lot of noise when I walk, like I’m wearing high heels but since they’re cute it’s ok 🙂 I got them I believe 2 summers ago and they’re still in great shape. They’re Wolverine brand and real leather. I got them at a shop around the square in Bloomington, IN. It’s called Andrew Davis. As of now I think they only sell men’s clothing but at the time they had a tiny closet of a room across from the men’s department that had some women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. These shoes were like 80 or 90% off. They were orginally $110 and I got them for *drum roll*…….$30! That is the deal of a lifetime. I was so proud 🙂

After I scored that amazing deal we went to Macy’s and I found this faux leather jacket in the exact shade of peach. It’s the American Rag brand and I believe was on sale for around $15 or $18, I can’t remember the exact amount.

3-9-16 oxford outfit

I love to pair the peach oxfords with these green pants. They’re Hollister brand (though I got them from a consignment shop) and have zippers on the sides of the legs at the ankles. They also have pockets on the front with zippers.

The top I’m wearing is from Rue 21. It’s a tan color and has white lace as the 3/4 sleeves. There’s also a lace inset on the back. I really like the cut of this top. It’s higher in the front and back and sort of flares out on the sides with a pointed cut.

3-9-16 oxford outfit 2

I’m very much looking forward to Spring so I can wear these oxfords more often!




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