Valentine’s Day 2016 outfit

Hi everyone! I hope you all have had a good Valentine’s Day and safe travels.

My boyfriend and I celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday since I had to go back to college today. We weren’t able to spend a lot of time with each other but any time is great 🙂

We stayed at my house yesterday so I didn’t plan to dress up a whole lot. I knew I wanted to wear this red sweater I have and a scarf. Most of my jeans are at college and the only ones I had at home weren’t stretch denim or were what I call my “70’s” pants. I wanted to be comfortable so I went with the 70’s pants since they have stretch. I hadn’t worn them before because I didn’t really know what shoes to wear them with. They were actually really comfortable! The sweater went perfectly with them since it’s high in the front. When I thought about wearing the pants before I imagined a flowered flowy shirt…the signature 70’s look. But you don’t really have to dress them that way!

The jeans have 4 buttons and pockets on the front. They’re pretty much modern bell bottom jeans haha. I got them because:

1. they were $7.

2. they’re soooooo 70’s

3. they make me look tall haha

Jeans: American Eagle $7                                        Sweater: Rue 21 around $5

I wore this red and white polka dot scarf and my born concept ankle boots I just got.

born ankle boots

This outfit was a little different than what I usually wear (the jeans) but overall I really liked the outfit and am excited to see what else I can pair these 70’s jeans with!

Much love,


valentine's day makeup 2



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