New found nail polish treasures

Hey everyone! So recently I was wanting to find some basic nail polish colors, specifically a black and a tan/nude color. I was in Meijer one day and decided to look for some. I wondered upon Rimmel’s 60 seconds nail polish. They were on sale for only $.79 and had the colors I was wanting, along with other options as well.

I got their black color, 820 Hot Black To Go and their tan/nude color called, 311 Carmel Cupcake. Before I tried the polish, I read some reviews on the products. Some people said you had to apply more than 1 coat which made it dry longer than 60 seconds. Others didn’t like the brush that came with it but there were mostly good reviews. I applied the polish sort of knowing what to expect and the brush is kind of difficult to apply since it is a thicker brush. I did apply more than one coat but I thought it dried pretty quick! I really like the polish and thought it was a great deal, especially for only $.79!

The Caramel Cupcake polish is exactly the color I was wanting and I think it will go with about any outfit! The Hot Black To Go polish is a very true black. Instead of going with all black I decided to add a pop of color and chose a cobalt blue to go on the ring finger nail. This polish is by Essie and is called Mesmerized. It’s a really pretty and bright color and is one of my favorite polishes. I don’t have very many Essie nail polishes since they’re so expensive but I got this one for $3.99 at T.J. Maxx.

I would suggest trying out both brands for a clean and smooth polish!

*I do not check nail polishes for gluten since I haven’t noticed a reaction myself. If concerned, I would contact the company*

Have a great rest of your day!



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