Cozy, Comfy, and Cute in Winter

I knew when I started the blog I wanted to post about my sense of fashion. I’m always having someone comment on my clothing or asking where I shop at. I debated about what my first style post would be and thought why not post about what I wore to church today!

I find that dressing up for church in winter is more difficult than in the summer. You can’t just throw on a sundress and some sandals. I’d have to say my favorite winter outfits for church consits of dresses, boots, and tights. My favorite color to wear lately has been burgandy! I love the look of it and can be wearable all year long! I really love it for fall and winter though.

Today, I was rushing with picking out what to wear. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to wear and it seems like my casual dresses are all back at college. I had something different on and didn’t like it as well..then I remembered a dress I had got for my birthday and it’s actually in my closet at home! The dress is burgandy, comes with a woven belt, and is from Rue 21. I shop there a lot! Their clothes seem to fit me well, are really cute, and they always have amazing deals! The dress also has the skater skirt flare at the bottom. I paired the dress with brown tights and my brown boc boots. The tights came from Walmart and the best thing about them is they’re fleece lined! They’re soooooo warm in the winter! My brown boc (born concept) boots are my favorite! They’re really comfortable! I can walk in them across campus all day and my feet don’t hurt! And they’re really cute! If you’re wondering what boots to get for college to wear in the fall and when there’s not snow, I would highly suggest boc boots. They’re kind of pricy, but they’re worth it! Since my dress is short sleeves, I decided to wear my new military army green style jacket with it. I got it for Christmas and I really love it. The jackets I would find similar to this one always seemed pretty pricy. And this one came from Walmart! Yeah, Walmart! They have some pretty cute clothes sometimes and for not bad prices either! I really love this scarf! It’s actually mom’s…mine didn’t match so I had to take her’s ๐Ÿ™‚ It came from…Rue 21 as well! It can be worn multiple ways and actually has a button on it to be worn draped across your shoulders. And it was only $5! ย If you can’t tell, I only shop clearance items. I hardly ever pay full price for anything.

I plan on posting more fashion/clothing tips in the future. Especially college comfy and cute clothes! If you have any suggestions for posts, you can comment or contact me!

Stay warm!



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