The Basics of Gluten: What, Who, Why?

Recently, I've had a few people message me or tag me in posts about them or someone they know recently being diagnosed with Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance. I want Faith, Fashion, Food with C to be a place where those who have to follow a gluten free diet can go to for advice. I'm … Continue reading The Basics of Gluten: What, Who, Why?

Spring: Tulle and Lace

Happy Spring! I don't know about you but I'm super ready for spring! To see the flowers blooming, birds chirping, and classes ending! Today's post is going to be about the outfit I wore to church Sunday. With the official first day of Spring, I knew I wanted to wear bright and cheery colors. Also, … Continue reading Spring: Tulle and Lace

Modest Swimsuit Guide 2017

Hey everyone! I hope your week is going great! With Spring Break coming up, I decided I'd put together a modest swimsuit guide. Sadly, this post was quite difficult to make because finding modest swimsuits in today's world is harder than it should be. And finding them in an acceptable price range was even harder. … Continue reading Modest Swimsuit Guide 2017

Valentine’s Day Guide:: Dressing up or Staying Comfy + Gluten Free Restaurants

Happy Friday everyone! Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I decided to put together a post about dressing up or staying comfy when you celebrate the day. Β I thought I'd find some cute, yet affordable outfits for you all to choose from. Also, I'll include a gluten free restaurant guide! Get your lipstick and heels … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Guide:: Dressing up or Staying Comfy + Gluten Free Restaurants

So Audrey: Head to Toe Black

Happy Wednesday everyone! This week's weather has been strange, even for Indiana. Monday was nice and in the 50's, yesterday was 60 and rainy all day, and today it's a blizzard! Curl up with some hot cocoa and a blanket and let's get started! Today's "So Audrey" post is inspired by the outfit she wore … Continue reading So Audrey: Head to Toe Black

So Audrey: Bow Crop Pants

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today's "So Audrey" post is about these super cute crop pants! You may remember them from a post I did in the summer (Classic Style: Bow Crop Pants). Then, I paired them with a black tank top and heels. But they're also perfect for winter and early spring months as well! I … Continue reading So Audrey: Bow Crop Pants