Gluten Free Beauty: Hair & Skincare Products

Hi everyone! I've done several posts about gluten free beauty products (see under this tab: product reviews), mainly cosmetics, but I've never done one over hair and skincare products before. I've put together a list of brands, ones I've tried before and ones I intend on trying in the future! Hask Beauty I discovered Hask … Continue reading Gluten Free Beauty: Hair & Skincare Products

My Favorite Gluten Free Brands (and mostly dairy free)

Over the past almost 8 years since discovering I was gluten intolerant (see my story here:Β My Gluten Free Story), we've tried a lot of different gluten free brands. Finding your favorite gluten free brands can be hard, so I've compiled a list of ours in this post! Live G-Free (Aldi): I know I've talked about … Continue reading My Favorite Gluten Free Brands (and mostly dairy free)

Vintage Floral & Lace Dress

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've done a fashion post! The weather has been wonderful lately and I've gotten to wear some Spring/Summer dresses more. I had to share this outfit with you all! It might be my favorite Summer dress outfit now! I got this adorable vintage inspired floral dress fromΒ T.J. Maxx … Continue reading Vintage Floral & Lace Dress

Eating Out: Gluten Free Style

I've had several requests to do a post about eating out with Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance. Hopefully by sharing my experiences since going gluten free, it will help you! Call the restaurant ahead of time/ check their website: This is SO important! NEVER assume that the restaurant you're going to may serve gluten free … Continue reading Eating Out: Gluten Free Style

Green Tea Cupcakes: Gluten & Dairy Free

Last semester in my food science lab, we had to come up with a functional food. A functional food is modified to improve health by providing benefits beyond the traditional nutrients. We had to choose a food that improved either Arthritis or Heart Disease. I decided to do my project over Arthritis and chose green … Continue reading Green Tea Cupcakes: Gluten & Dairy Free

Gluten Free Guide for Newbies

So I knew I wanted to make a Gluten Free Guide for Newbies but I wasn't sure what to include in it since I'll be doing other posts solely based on certain topics. I thought of the following 5 topics: What is Gluten, Getting Diagnosed, Finding Community, Grocery Shopping, and Is Gluten in Cosmetics/skin care … Continue reading Gluten Free Guide for Newbies