New Day Gluten Free: Clayton, MO

A few days ago I went on a short trip to St. Louis, MO with my fiance Trenton, his mom & my parents. We were looking at the grad school Trenton is planning on attending & the surrounding areas.

Of course I had to scope out the best gluten free places. I found New Day Gluten Free which is located in Clayton, MO- between St. Louis and Chesterfield. New Day is a dedicated gluten free & peanut free cafe & bakery. Their menu consisted of all day breakfast options, pasta, pizza & sandwiches along with many delicious bakery items! They had a wide range of dairy free options as well!

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Cross Contamination: What it is, Why it’s a Concern, & How to Prevent it.

I talk a lot about Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerance, the gluten free diet and have mentioned cross contamination. I haven’t really addressed cross contamination though, what it is, why it’s a concern for us who have to follow a gluten free diet and how to prevent it.

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Struggles Only Those With Gluten Intolerance (or Celiac Disease) Will Understand

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while.. but brainstorming all the gluten free struggles I’ve went through in the past 8 years is hard! So, I decided to ask on several different gluten free support groups (including our own) what are some of the struggles others have encountered. I must say, there’s some doozies.

*The ones stated: “-member” were provided from an online support group. The ones without were my own.

  1. When you’re reading a label that says “gluten free” but also states that it “may contain wheat…”
  2. When you go to a restaurant and ask for a gluten free menu and they bring you the nutrition facts guide….

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Monthly Roundup:: July

July Roundup

Fashion finds:

  • This fit & flare dress from Modcloth is super cute! And it’s on sale!
  • I think this retro daisy swimsuit (also from Modcloth) is so adorable! It’s also available in a cute cherry print! Both are on sale.

Beauty finds:

  • Red Apple Lipstick’s shade Petal Rebel is my new favorite! It’s the perfect shade of pink! Only available for a limited time until they run out of stock!

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Spontaneous & a Jumpsuit: With Shutter Up Studios

A few weeks ago I got a call from a friend asking if I was on campus. Her photography friend had a session cancelled & still really wanted to take some pictures, of course I was up for it! Kelsey from Shutter Up Studios is so talented! Taking pictures together was natural & so much fun! Also, her editing is amazing! She does senior pictures, portraits, couples, and her favorite: weddings!

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Red Apple Lipstick Summer Shades + Giveaway!

Happy Monday everyone! Since the first day of summer was last week, that means new lipstick shades! I’m collaborating with Red Apple Lipstick to celebrate their Summer Shades! They have re-released four of their popular lipstick shades for a limited time! The shades are Summer Sands, French Skirt, Petal Rebel & Sweet Coraline.

I’m also hosting a GIVEAWAY on my Facebook (@Faithfashionfoodwithc) and instagram (@faithfashionfoodwithc) for a chance to win 2 Summer lipstick shades of your choice! The winner will be announced July 4th!

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Monthly Roundup:: June

June Roundup

Fashion finds:

  • I’ve been looking for a denim skirt with buttons and this one from Target is cute and is also available in white.
  • You can never go wrong with a striped shirt. This one from Old Navy looks perfect and comes in a variety of colors.
  • This gingham paperbag skirt is too cute! And the red and white is perfect for the Fourth of July coming up.
  • I love oxfords! These blush ones from DSW are perfect!

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Paparazzi Jewelry + Giveaway!

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you’re all having a great week.

A family friend reached out to me to host a giveaway and product review for the jewelry company Paparazzi.  Paparazzi offers tons of different pieces ranging from bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, & sets where matching necklaces and earrings come together. All for just $5! All of their pieces are 100% nickel-free and lead-free and are only available through consultants. I have also seen consultants set up booths at the local fair & other festivals.\

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French Blue & White Cold Shoulder Dress

I first saw this dress at Cactus Flower last summer and thought it was so cute. I decided to wait on getting it and later found it on sale this year.

What drew my eye to this dress was the color and print. The blue and white plaid is perfect for Spring and Summer. I usually am not drawn to the cold shoulder trend, but loved it with this dress. I think I liked how the cold shoulder was like an extra added strap. Even if it wasn’t there, the dress would still be cute.

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